Encounter 1 Jason Sparks Bottoms BRENT OLIVER

Jason Sparks has a lot of stress and is in desperate need for a deep massage and a full release. He asked his friends for a good recommendation and, sure... [read more]

Encounter 1 Jax Thirio Bottoms JACK BAILEY

Jax Thirio’s dominant demeanour and big daddy dick have more often than not led to him taking the top bunk in the bedroom - particularly with younger... [read more]

Encounter 1 Peter Marcus Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Peter looks a little nervous as he undresses and positions himself face down on the massage table. Sex-mad Connor wastes no time and immediately embarks... [read more]

Encounter 1 Chase Manning Bottoms Axel Black

Two men make out on a bed in a hotel room. One, a tanned, bearded DILF with a stocky, well-defined body, is passionately kissing a handsome, lean, young... [read more]

Encounter 2 Killian Knox Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Connor Taylor is a geeky, skinny, red-headed masseur. He’s very much a boy with sex on the brain and he regularly gives his clients a little more than... [read more]

Encounter 2 Greg Riley Bottoms BRENT OLIVER

Greg is a bald-headed, buff dude. He’s the very definition of a DILF. Bored in his hotel room, he orders pizza and is surprised to discover that Brent,... [read more]

Encounter 3 Jason Sparks Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Connor delivers pizzas for a restaurant across town. He’s a student at the local college and I’m told he’s also a pretty talented masseur. I don’t... [read more]

Encounter 2 Sean Duran Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

My name is Connor, I’m a professional masseur, and for the past few months I’ve been trying to document my sexy adventures. It’s considered a big... [read more]

Encounter 1 Bob Lemus Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

I knew I was gonna like Bob from the moment I heard his voice. He sounded a little nervous when he booked himself in for a massage, but his voice was... [read more]

Encounter 2 Greg Riley Bottoms JAMES CLARK

I met Greg a few weeks ago. He’d booked himself in for just a massage, but the moment he walked into my treatment room, I knew I needed to have his ass!... [read more]

Encounter 2 Braden Rush Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

I love my job. I love that I’m earning enough to pay my college fees doing something I enjoy so much. Sometimes I wonder if all masseurs have similar... [read more]

Chapter 1 Greg Riley Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

My name is Connor. I’m twenty years old and I’m a masseur. I won’t always be a masseur. I don’t really know what I wanna do instead, but while... [read more]

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