Encounter 2 Greg Riley Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Everyone’s favorite ginger-haired delivery boy, Connor, is back in town, this time delivering breakfast to one of his best clients, Greg. Greg is a ...muscular DILF with a shaved head and a stubbly face and Connor always looks forward to delivering food to his swanky house. There’s always something pretty special on offer in lieu of a tip… As usual, the door is open and Connor is able to walk straight into Greg's sitting room. As usual Greg is half naked and, as usual, he doesn’t have any cash on him; they’ll have to figure out a more inventive way for him to pay for his breakfast. Moments later, Connor has his big, horny dick half way down Greg’s throat and the older man is sucking it like his life depends on it. Connor is in a particularly dominant mood, ordering Greg to take off his clothes and get on all fours. Connor immediately shoves his face between the older man’s boulder-like ass cheeks and sticks his tongue deep inside his tight hole. Connor knows Greg’s gonna take a real hard and that sexy butt of his will need to be very well-prepped. Connor is soon sliding his dick in and out of the older man, who squeezes his ass muscles to give Connor the curious sensation that his dick is somehow being pulled into Greg’s muscular body. Connor’s strokes are consistently slow and deep. He grabs his phone and films himself penetrating the older man. He’s built up quite a collection of mini-movies over the years and enjoys watching them back when he’s alone and horny. The phone is thrown down as Connor winds up to the grand climax. He pulls out just in time and sprays Greg’s back with a thick coating of pearly-white cum. Greg can consider his food well-and-truly paid for! [Read more]

Encounter 2 Jason Sparks Bottoms JAMES CLARK

Twink masseur, James, is about as cute as a boy can get. He’s blond, blue-eyed, and smooth all over. James has always had a bit of a thing for older... men and gets particularly excited when a sexy daddy walks into his massage parlor. Bearded dude, Jason, instantly gets the boy’s pulse racing as he strips naked and patiently lies face down on the table. The young masseur immediately gets to work. His hands slide and glide sensuously over the older man’s body. James reserves erotic massages for his favourite clients. Running his hands over Jason’s ass cheeks instantly makes him horny. His dick begins to swell and throb with excitement. He strips naked. Jason brings his hand up to the young masseur’s 9-inch tool and plays with it tenderly before gently wrapping his lips around it. The boy is soon gasping with pleasure, desperate to return the favor… Jason perches on the edge of the table and spreads his legs expectantly as James kneels down and services his dick. Full-blown penetration follows fairly swiftly. Jason squats on the edge of the table and allows James to skewer him with his rock-hard weapon. The masseur is soon thrusting in and out of his client’s hungry ass, each sexy stroke seemingly harder and deeper than the one before. James wants a memento of this unexpectedly wild ride, so gets his phone out to film himself in action. But that only serves to stimulate him further and he soon feels a tingling sensation in his balls which forces him to throw the phone down and focus on finishing the job. James cums deep inside Jason, firing a huge, slippery load into his belly. [Read more]

Encounter 2 Peter Marcus Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

The cute, ginger-haired delivery-boy Connor Taylor is back! This week he’s been paired up with bearded, hipster DILF, Peter Marcus. The two of them ...play computer games in Peter’s room, winding down after a particularly pleasurable massage which has plainly got them both feeling really horny. Connor might be gawky and geeky on the outside, but on the inside, he’s a total horndog who’s able to seductively steer pretty much any nervous older man off the straight-and-narrow path into some seriously hot trouble! Peter quickly loses all of his inhibitions and finds himself eagerly sucking Connor’s highly-impressive dick while the younger man strips naked. Within minutes, Peter has thrown himself onto the bed, impatiently presenting his well-defined bubble butt to the boy for oral inspection. Connor duly gets stuck in with his probing, inquisitive tongue… Then it’s time for the main event. Connor thrusts his 9-inch tool deep into the older man’s ass and starts to bone him with long, deep, satisfying strokes. Peter groans and growls in a state of pure bliss, instantly addicted to the sensation of Connor’s dangerously delicious dick. Connor gets his phone out to film a bit of personal content, pushing him over the edge from the sheer excitement. He tosses the phone aside and pounds the older man with all the power he can muster in his skinny body. Connor pulls out and sprays his giant love load across Peter’s muscular back before falling down on top of him, entirely spent. [Read more]

Encounter 3 Jax Thirio Bottoms TROYE JACOBS

Muscle-god, Jax Thirio returns this week with tasty twink, Troye Jacobs. These guys know how to put on a proper show, so expect fireworks from the ver...y start! They kiss energetically, locked in a passionate embrace, desperately ripping each other’s clothes off. Troye’s pale, skinny torso contrasts perfectly with Jax’ bulging, ripped, tanned body. It would be hard to find two guys who wanted each other more. Jax kneels between Troye’s legs and wraps his sensual lips around the boy’s bulging dick before getting every inch of it in his mouth and then further down into his tight, hungry throat. Troye, now massively turned on, throws Jax onto the bed and pushes his legs back to his ears before allowing his slippery tongue to seductively dance over the gasping older guy’s expectant hole. These two are pretty much as versatile as they get, but Troye has plainly lined himself up for the top bunk tonight. Troye pulls Jax to the edge of the bed, and stands up, lining his long, juicy dick up with the muscle-god’s ass. Jax begs for Troye’s meat; he knows how good it feels and he needs it now. Troye’s strokes speed up and before long the boy’s banging Jax full tilt, dick diving real deep into the older man’s flawless body. His strokes are relentless. This twink has stamina! There’s obviously a limit to the length of time you can penetrate someone with that much intensity, and Troye’s dick eventually explodes right up inside the older man. He shoots prolifically. A river of semen flows onto the bed sheets as he pulls out. [Read more]

Encounter 2 Chase Manning Bottoms AXEL BLACK

It seems that the cute twink boy, Axel Black, and the ripped otter, Chase Manning, can’t get enough of each other. They’re back for round two and ...this time they’re making out in a kitchen. The two men kiss hungrily, dressed in sports gear. The temperature rises and T-shirts are torn off while tongues dance lustfully. Innocent-looking Axel pushes his shorts down to reveal a rock hard, hugely impressive 9-inch dick, which Chase can’t wait to suck. Axel gasps and tosses his head back as ripples of pure pleasure tingle through his body. Chase strips down to his jock before leaning expectantly against the kitchen sink, presenting his greedy ass to the horny, hung twink, who drops to his knees and gets his tongue dancing over the otter’s aching hole. Axel is soon thrusting his raw dick deep into a groaning Chase, who can’t quite believe how good the twink boy’s throbbing meat feels inside him. Axel hammers hard, overcome by intense lust for the older man. He stands on tip-toes, so he can bang Chase with increasing speed, his rock hard dick now lodged so far inside the older man that he half expects it to burst out of his belly button! Both men are now riding a wave of complete satisfaction. Penetration at this level of intensity can’t last long and Axel soon senses the semen rising in his balls. He explodes inside Chase, squirting round after round of thick spunk deep into the older man’s guts. [Read more]

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