Encounter 1 Braden Rush Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Super twink delivery boy Connor Taylor strikes again! After Connor receives a cash tip from Braden Rush, he gets a better idea, and he grabs the older... [read more]

Encounter 1 Kyle Bryce Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Looks like power twink Connor Taylor is supplementing his part time food delivery gig with work as a private masseur. Kyle Bryce is invited to strip and... [read more]

Encounter 1 Jason Sparks Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Wearing just a towel, Jason answers a knock at the door. It’s Connor, delivering Jason’s food order. The look of the tall twink gets Jason boned up... [read more]

Encounter 1 Cam Casey Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Cam Casey didn’t order a meat supreme pizza for the food. He’s after the twink delivery boy he’s heard so much about. The moment Connor Taylor steps... [read more]

Encounter 2 Jason Sparks Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Jason Sparks enjoyed “breakfast” so much last time that he’s back for seconds, hoping that Connor Taylor will be the one delivering. He’s not disappointed... [read more]

Encounter 1 Sean Duran Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Wiry twink Connor Taylor is delivering pizza to muscle hunk Sean Duran, who immediately recognizes him from Grindr. This is the twink’s last stop for... [read more]

Encounter 1 Jax Atwell Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

The experience of going for a massage can be both relaxing and incredibly arousing! The recipient submits himself to the whims of the masseur. If he’s... [read more]

Encounter 1 Killian Knox Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

When Killian Knox ordered his pad thai, he was craving something lean, stringy, and full of nuts. Little did he know his delivery boy would fit that order... [read more]

Chapter 1 Greg Riley Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

My name is Connor. I’m twenty years old and I’m a masseur. I won’t always be a masseur. I don’t really know what I wanna do instead, but while... [read more]

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