Encounter 2 Greg Riley Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Everyone’s favorite ginger-haired delivery boy, Connor, is back in town, this time delivering breakfast to one of his best clients, Greg. Greg is a muscular... [read more]

Encounter 2 Jason Sparks Bottoms JAMES CLARK

Twink masseur, James, is about as cute as a boy can get. He’s blond, blue-eyed, and smooth all over. James has always had a bit of a thing for older... [read more]

Encounter 2 Peter Marcus Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

The cute, ginger-haired delivery-boy Connor Taylor is back! This week he’s been paired up with bearded, hipster DILF, Peter Marcus. The two of them play... [read more]

Encounter 3 Jax Thirio Bottoms TROYE JACOBS

Muscle-god, Jax Thirio returns this week with tasty twink, Troye Jacobs. These guys know how to put on a proper show, so expect fireworks from the very... [read more]

Encounter 2 Chase Manning Bottoms AXEL BLACK

It seems that the cute twink boy, Axel Black, and the ripped otter, Chase Manning, can’t get enough of each other. They’re back for round two and this... [read more]

Encounter 1 Silver Steele Bottoms GRAYSON LANGE

Cute blond twink, Grayson Lange, and tall muscle-god, Silver Steele, make their debuts for TwinkLoads in an electrifying scene. They start kneeling... [read more]

Encounter 1 Greg Riley Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Sexy, brooding DILF, Greg, has ordered pizza, but when Brent, the gawky, blond delivery boy turns up, it soon becomes clear that he’s forgotten the bread... [read more]

Encounter 2 Romeo Davis Bottoms JACK BAILEY

It seems that Jack Bailey and Romeo Davis just can’t get enough of each other! They say opposites attract, and these two guys couldn’t be more different.... [read more]

Encounter 2 Bob Lemus Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Cheeky, geeky, ginger, pizza-boy, Connor, stumbles into the bedroom of the guy who’s ordered the delivery. He’s shocked to find Bob on the bed, jerking... [read more]

Encounter 1 Killian Knox Bottoms JACK BAILEY

Cute, twink, Jack Bailey meets bearded, daddy-bear, Killian Knox in this all-raw, red hot encounter. The two men face each other on the bed, legs seductively... [read more]

Chapter 1 Jax Thirio Bottoms Troye Jacobs

Pale-skinned, cute boy Troye Jacobs pairs up with tanned, hunkym muscle-DILF, Jax Thiro, in the latest offering from TwinkLoads. The chemistry is instantly... [read more]

Encounter 1 Johnny Ford Bottoms OLIVER CARTER

[read more]

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