Encounter 1 Jason Sparks Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Wearing just a towel, Jason answers a knock at the door. It’s Connor, delivering Jason’s food order. The look of the tall twink gets Jason boned up... [read more]

Encounter 2 Jason Sparks Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Jason Sparks enjoyed “breakfast” so much last time that he’s back for seconds, hoping that Connor Taylor will be the one delivering. He’s not disappointed... [read more]

Chapter 1 Jason Sparks Bottoms JAMES CLARK

Perhaps it’s a bit of a cliche to admit that I’ve always fantasied about the idea of fucking a pizza delivery boy! In the films and on TV, these lads... [read more]

Encounter 3 Jason Sparks Bottoms CONNOR TAYLOR

Connor delivers pizzas for a restaurant across town. He’s a student at the local college and I’m told he’s also a pretty talented masseur. I don’t... [read more]

Encounter 1 Jason Sparks Bottoms BRENT OLIVER

Jason Sparks has a lot of stress and is in desperate need for a deep massage and a full release. He asked his friends for a good recommendation and, sure... [read more]

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